SWIMMER adult fancy time

The theme is "fancy time for adults".
SWIMMER's unique view of the world, where you can feel the emotion and loveliness, will add excitement to your busy daily life.
We have collected products from an adult's perspective that are easy to incorporate into everyday life, such as enjoying at home and carrying around with you at all times.


A mysterious cat world original painting exhibition Original goods

The cats with a strong habit are the characters in the masterpiece Grimm's fairy tale! ?

It became a hot topic on Instagram, and picture books and illustrations are also popular!
The original picture exhibition of "The World's Mysterious Cat World", which depicts cats living like humans, is on sale!

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A collaboration between "My Hero Academia" and Rody born in Italy appeared!

"My Hero Academia x RODY" RODY and mascot are released.
◎ Original design inspired by each character while keeping the cuteness of RODY as it is.
◎ Color development is all four types of Izuku Midoriya, Katsumi Bakugo, Todoroki, and Lody Seoul!

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