テーマは「大人のためのファンシータイム」仕事や勉強が忙しい日々を kawaii で癒されたい!

Autographed design panel

Autographed by the SWIMMER designer!

A fabric panel with illustrations printed on canvas.

You can lean it against the wall, or hang it on a commercially available hook or thumbtack.

Decorate your entryway, living room, children's room, bedroom, etc. with colorful character panels.

It is recommended not only for the interior of your home, but also for the interior of cafes and stores.

It will be sold as a made-to-order product. The delivery time will be around the end of March.

Store only Limited quantity chocolate

February means Valentine's Day!

Original Tyrolean chocolate "SWIMMER" printed with SWIMMER's illustration
DECO chocolate" at the venue only

Limited quantities will be on sale from 15:00 on Tuesday, February 14th.

*Up to 2 sets per person

* Scheduled to be in stock sequentially. Please forgive me if it is sold out.

photo spot

We have prepared a room-themed photo spot where you can take pictures surrounded by cute SWIMMER goods!
If you like SWIMMER, it's a dreamlike space that you'll dream of at least once!