Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Wizard Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) recognizes the protection of information (hereinafter referred to as personal information) that can be identified by specific individuals acquired in business, and the following matters listed below. It is the basic policy of information protection.


When acquiring personal information, we will obtain it by appropriate means after specifying the purpose of use. In addition, if there is a change in the purpose of use after acquisition, we will notify you or publish it.

Appropriate management of personal information

We will maintain the personal information we have acquired accurately and carry out necessary safety management.

Appropriate response to the person in personal information

The Company will respond quickly and appropriately to the request of the person in the personal information and the legitimate agent of the person.

Compliance with laws and regulations

The Company will comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and enact internal regulations to achieve the purpose of "personal information protection."

Date of enactment:July 11, 2019

privacy policy

About the protection of the privacy and personal information of users

We pay close attention to the protection of users' privacy and personal information, and we will respond to the handling of personal information according to the personal information protection policy.

About the purpose and use of personal information

(1) If the user uses this site, we may collect the user's personal information.

About disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Company discloses personal information provided by users only in the following cases.

About management of personal information

We are implementing reasonable measures at the level of personal information provided by users at the loss, destruction, out -of -company fraudulent leakage, falsification, and unauthorized access. increase. We may outsource business such as data management.

About discarding personal information

Of the personal information provided by users, information that is not used for that purpose in the future will be discarded in a way that will not be used for the purpose in the future. 。

Regarding customer inquiries regarding personal information, etc.

(1) If we receive requests for changes, corrections, deletion, etc., the user of the user managed by the Company, we respect the intentions of the user and rationally. We will take the necessary measures within the range.

Personal information Inquiries:

We may revise all or part of this privacy policy. If there are important changes, we will inform you on the page of this site in an easy -to -understand way.