Refund policy

About cancellation / return / exchange

(1) If you have a delay of 30 days or more from the scheduled shipping date for reservations and orders, or if you guide you on this site, you can cancel your order. OrderIf you would like to cancel, please contact us from the inquiry window.

(2) Even if you wish to replace it, if it is not possible to prepare the same product, such as limited production or discontinuation, it will be refunded.
Also, please note that replacement products will be shipped after we arrive.

(3) We will accept it only if the delivered product is different from defective or ordered products. (Only if you contact us within 7 days from the arrival of the product.) We do not accept cancellations or returns due to customer convenience.Please order beforehand before ordering.

(4) Regardless of the preceding paragraph, the following products cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged.
・ Opened and used products
・ Of the blind products, the shape and type can be confirmed even if they are unopened
・ Products that have passed 7 days or more after the arrival of the product
・ Products that have scratches and dirt under the customer
・ Package (bag / case) ・ Products without product tags
・ Products that are produced and processed according to the order, such as ordered products and named products. Made -to -order products, limited items.
・ When the state at the time of return is significantly different from the state at the time of delivery.

・ In addition, the product that clearly states that it cannot be returned to the product page

(5) If there is a clear defect in the product or if the product is different, we will bear the shipping cost for returned goods. In addition, in the case of returned or exchanging due to customer's convenience, the shipping cost will be borne by the customer.