A mysterious cat world hand towel

A mysterious cat world hand towel

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It is a lovely design mini towel where Hansel and Gretel hold hands.
A towel made in a factory in Imabari with a full -colored inkjet print.

Because of 100 % cotton, the touch is soft and the water absorption is outstanding.

  • made in Japan
  • 100 % cotton
  • Inkjet print
  • Size 20 x 20cm


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* We do not ship on weekends and holidays

A mysterious cat world original picture is being held in the world!

The cats with a strong habit are the characters in the masterpiece Grimm's fairy tale! ?

It became a hot topic on Instagram, and picture books and illustrations are also popular!
The first single original painting exhibition of KORIRI, the creator of "The World and Mysterious Cat World" depicting a cat that lives like a human being, is being held at the Imperial Hotel Plaza 2F "Collection.jc" from December 6 (Tuesday). ! !

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