Mysterious Cat World Charity Can Badge
Mysterious Cat World Charity Can Badge
Mysterious Cat World Charity Can Badge
Mysterious Cat World Charity Can Badge

Mysterious Cat World Charity Can Badge

¥1,000(税込) Sale Save

Rewards will be shipped in early February.

This is a charity item for the exhibition "Hansel and Gretel", the world of strange cats.

  • Size: φ56mm
  • Material: Tinplate
  • Country of Origin: Japan

All proceeds from product sales will be donated to Felix Anima, a dog and cat protection organization.
(180 yen will be charged separately as a return shipping fee.)
Also, as a thank you for participating in the donation, we will include a message card from KORIRI.

Dear cat lovers, why don't you make your dogs and cats happy together?
Thank you for your cooperation.

For "Felix Anima", please check the bottom of the page.


Shipping time: We will ship sequentially from the next business day of your order.

*We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

About “Felix Anima”

"Felix Anima" is an organization that protects and cares for old dogs, old cats, handicapped and sick dogs and cats.

We are protecting dogs and cats that have collapsed in multi-headed breeding, dogs and cats that are no longer needed by breeders, cats without owners that have been injured in accidents or traps, dogs and cats that have been determined to be euthanized by public health centers, owners who have been hospitalized, and whereabouts due to death. There are various circumstances such as lost dogs and cats.

We currently protect, care for, and care for over 100 dogs and cats.
Due to their age and handicap, it is extremely difficult to transfer them, so we are mainly working on lifelong breeding at facilities.

Twitter: @felix_anima_

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Mysterious cat world original painting exhibition now being held!

Those cats with strong habits are characters in the classic Grimm Fairy Tales! ?

It became a hot topic on Instagram, and the picture book and illustration collection are also popular!
KORIRI, the creator of "The world of strange cats," which depicts cats living like humans, will hold his first solo exhibition at "collection.jc" on the 2nd floor of the Imperial Hotel Plaza from Tuesday, December 6th. ! !

Click here for the special site